When Pigs Fly

ALS was first identified in 1869 and to this day it remains incurable and fatal. We still don’t know with any certainty what causes ALS. We don’t know who among us will get ALS, and once diagnosed we don’t know how it will progress or how fast it will progress from individual to individual. In the passing of all these years, despite relentless research by dedicated medical professionals, only one drug has been found that has the potential to extend life by an average of two months among a small percentage of ALS patients. Resources and procedures have been developed along the way to help those living with ALS manage their lives with more ease and independence but there remains no cure in sight even though it’s out there waiting for us to find it.

There were days during Randy’s time with ALS  he felt hopeful that a cure would come one day and there were other days when ALS had taken one more thing from him in its unstoppable progression that he felt there would never be a cure.

“When pigs fly,” Randy once said to me in the middle of a miserably discouraging day. “When pigs fly.”

I understood why Randy felt that way and in a way Randy was right and he was wrong because here’s what I know about flying pigs. If we sit around day after day staring down the snout of a pig, just waiting for him to sprout wings that little squeaker is never going to take flight but if we keep tying balloons around the pig, one balloon at a time, eventually, with enough balloons that pig is going airborne!

With Baking Sweet Hope,  I’m just trying to add a balloon or two of my own to any pigs that need to fly with the hope that others will join in and add their balloons too until the sky is filled with soaring swine! Together we can make pigs fly and change the world for the better, whether it’s finding a cure for ALS or helping one person at a time who needs a helping hand.