Donations for Puerto Rico

I’m not baking for the next few weeks but wanted to do something to assist with the relief effort in Puerto Rico as they continue to deal with a desperate situation following Hurricane Maria. To that end I’m going to be holding a live drawing on Facebook on Wednesday, October 18 to give away an incredible photographer’s package that includes a Canon 70D camera, a Canon 40 mm fixed lens, a Canon 60 mm fixed lens, a Canon 18-135 telephoto lens, along with five Canon batteries and two Canon battery chargers. All this equipment was purchased in 2014 and is in new condition having only been used a few times for in-home photography. All glass lenses has been protected with a clear glass filter on the front and a cap on the back.

To learn more about this photographer’s package check the links above to read specific information about each component as well as to view the current sales price. The entire package is valued at just over 2000.00. No original packaging  is available and the camera manual is available for viewing and download here at Canon Watch. USB and HDMI cables are not included but if needed, can be inexpensively purchased on Amazon.

The video below by Tony Northup offers an excellent overview about the Canon 70D followed by a hands on review by DigitalRev TV. The Canon 70D is a fantastic DSLR for both still and video photography and covers the range from full manual operation for the skilled photographer to fully automatic settings for the amateur or beginner.

Finally, here’s a video peak at the actual camera, lenses and batteries being given away. (If you notice any tiny specks on the sides of the 60MM lens, that’s dried cookie icing! It’s been cleaned since filming this video!)

If you would like a chance to win this photographer’s package please read carefully through the following rules and guidelines to enter.

1. Make a 10.00 donation between now and Tuesday, October 17 at 11:59 p.m. PST to one of the following organizations that are currently focused on relief work in Puerto Rico.

United for Puerto Rico
One America Appeal

2. Email your donation receipt confirmation email or a screen shot of the website donation acknowledgement to Be sure to send the receipt using the email address you prefer I use for contacting you in the event you win. PLEASE NOTE: Unicef and One American Appeal will send you a donation confirmation email. Forward that to me. United for Puerto Rico will provide an acknowledgement of your donation on the website immediately following your donation. Be certain to grab a screen shot to email me before closing down your browser. 

3. Shipping costs and shipping insurance will be free if the winner is located within the United States. If the winner is located outside the United States please be aware the winner will be required to cover the full cost of shipping to his or her country along with any related taxes, fees, or insurance costs  that could be incurred.

4. Every 10 dollar donation equals one chance to win. Multiple 10 dollar donations equals multiple chances. There is no limit on individual donations or the total chances at the time of the drawing! My hope is that together we can raise far more than the value of this incredible package for the people, families, and children of Puerto Rico. Please donate generously and spread the word.

5. This raffle is open to individuals only and not businesses, corporations, or any collective group or organization.

6. Donations made prior to October 9 are not valid. This raffle is intended to raise additional funds beyond what may or may not have already been contributed.

7. This giveaway is not affiliated with any of the mentioned charities or any other non-profit organization or social media platform. This is an individual effort of a private citizen to raise much needed funds for Puerto Rico.

8. Please note that the cost of a raffle ticket (or in this case, a chance to win) is not deductible as a charitable contribution. If you receive a benefit from making a donation, you can only deduct the amount of your donation that is greater than the value of the benefit you receive.)