Contribute Your Stories!

You know you do it all the time! You bake cookies for family friends going through a hard time just to show you care. You contribute homemade baked magic to a fundraiser for a local homeless shelter. Your three layer chocolate cake is the hit of the charity auction.

Baking Sweet Hope will continually be collecting the stories of what individual bakers are doing to bake a difference in our world.  The acts of baking sweet hope you share, however big or small, will inspire other bakers to think creatively about how they can bake sweet hope in their corner of the world and with every new story added we’ll be building a treasured archive of kindness, compassion, and generosity!

Now, I know there are times we all do random acts of baking sweet hope in secret because there’s great satifaction in knowing sweet hope has been given away quietly and under the radar of anyone else’s attention. Plus we worry that in telling someone might think we’re boasting in our good deeds. Even so, I encourage you to share the stories you feel comfortable sharing as encouragement to others, not only to those who will be inspired to follow your example, but for anyone feeling a little hopeless who will benefit from hearing instances of goodness in the world.

So, whether you’ve raised money for a charity close to your heart through the sale of your baked goods, donated homemade treats for a fundraising event, or used your kitchen  to bake  for a individual or family  in need of a little sweet hope, I invite you to contribute your stories as often as you want to share them. Here’s all you need to do.

  • Post a photo on at least one of your social media accounts of baked goods you donated or sold for donations to benefit a charity or charitable cause. This includes baked goods you give as a thank you to those in military service or in any area of public service or as an encouragement to a family, child, or individual in need of a little extra sweetness. Be sure to include information in your story about the charity or cause to spread public awareness. 
  • Include the hashtag #bakingsweethope in your post. Including the hashtag will be your way of signaling me that I can add your content to our archive of Baking Sweet Hope Together.

Every week I’ll search social media for new posts with #bakingsweethope. I’ll then download the photo and content you wrote, along with your social media account information, and in addition to including your story here I’ll also randomly repost stories on the Baking Sweet Hope social media accounts along with sharing stories in an upcoming series of Facebook LIVE broadcasts. 

    Your story of baking sweet hope will be a source of good news and hope in the world that reaches far beyond your own kitchen!

    #bakingsweethope #kitchenkindness